Power Throw

Release Push-Ups

Sprint Drag Carry

Leg Tuck

Two Mile Run


ACFT Calculator

This ACFT calculator determines your ACFT score. Please use the highest recorded weight from your Maximum Deadlift and your farthest throw from your Standing Power Throw.



ACFT Instructions

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is the U.S. Army‘s replacement of the current Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). The new ACFT will go in effect starting Fiscal Year 21 (1 OCT 20). Below is a description of each event. There is a two (2) minute rest after each event.

  • 3-Repetition Maximum Deadlift: Weight must between 130 and 340 pounds. Three reps must be performed in five minutes.
  • Standing Power Throw: A 10-pound medicine ball will be thrown overhead and backward. There is a three minutes restriction to make one practice throw and two for a grade. The longest distance is recorded.
  • Hand Release Push-Ups: The Soldier must lower his/her chest to the floor and lift his/her hands off the ground between each rep. Soldiers are given two minutes to do as many reps as they can.
  • Sprint Drag Carry: In four minutes, the Soldier will go 25 meters out and 25 meters back five times. Each iteration will include a different activity: sprint, drag a sled, run a lateral shuffle, carry two 40-pound kettle bells, then sprint again.
  • Leg Tuck: The Soldier will be required to hang from a pull-up bar and with his/her body parallel, then pull their knees to their elbows for as many reps as possible in two minutes.
  • Two Mile Run: Two-mile run on a track or a paved, level road, with a 21-minute maximum