Slide America's best Army Combat fitness Test (ACFT) app acft calc MOS Calc The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is here to stay. This app was created to prepare you and your unit to be combat effective on and off the battlefield.
Calculate and save your ACFT data across multiple devices. Keep track if your score was for record or practice.
Video Instruction
All six (6) events have written instructions along with videos demonstrating how to perform each event.
Enhanced Score Chart
Easily check the enhanced score chart to look up multiple scores at once
For timed events (Maximum Deadlift, Release Push-up, Leg Tuck, and Power Throw) keep track of the time for each event.
Keep track of the time for Sprint Drag Carry (SDC) and Two-Mile Run (2MR) with this cool tool! It counts down the time for each physical demand category. So you know exactly how much time you have left.
Physical Demand Category
Discover your physical demand category with with the physical demand category calculator. There is also a physical demand category chart if you want the full list.
The App Is Available For

The app is optimized to work on Android tablets and iPads.


Some of the features are offer online. Checkout the ACFT calculator or the MOS Calculator.


The ACFT app is available on Android and iOS. Give the app a try, it is free!

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Blake Parker

Awesome app. My only recommendation is to add in the testing verbiage that has to be read prior to the execution of the ACFT.

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